Kickboxing dvd workout

One of the best ways to burn fat is kickboxing workout. Although this is a relatively young direction, it has already proved itself in the field of weight loss. The peculiarity of kickboxing is that during the training the whole body participates: the blows are applied not only by the hands, but also by the feet, elbows and knees, thus most of the basic muscles of your body are involved. Also, hundreds of calories are burned thanks to the intensity (our kickboxing workout dvd program burns about 600 cal. Per 47 mins).

Kickboxing dvd workout

Burning fat, a slender and smart figure is not the whole result you get from the kickboxing workout. Since kickboxing, first of all, is a martial art, you will get a unique opportunity to make yourself a beautiful body at the same time, about which you dream and acquire a real skill of self-defense, which will give you confidence and motivation in your further training.

Do not think that only men can kickboxing, it perfectly fits the beautiful half of humanity. Kickboxing weight loss training is suitable for every person who wants to have an ideal figure, whether fat burning or the formation of a powerful muscle corset. Man or woman - it does not matter, our kickboxing dvd program is right for everyone!


Why kickboxing is suitable for the wrestler

The goal of our dvd-kickboxing program is to provide you an insanity training. The program of our classes is also intensive cardio training, which consists of:

  1. warm-up
  2. physical exercises for all muscle groups
  3. setting and working out blows
  4. correct movements
  5. cardio loads
  6. Basic kickboxing techniques

This all comes in a 47-minute kickboxing workout. You completely drive yourself, work out every muscle, providing the body with warming, elasticity, tone, increased metabolism, which helps you burn more calories and destroy fat.

The intensity of aerobic, strength, technical exercises and cardio loading in the kickboxing dvd program frees endorphins - a hormone that makes you happy and stabilizes your appetite - reduces the feeling of hunger, which also positively affects your result.

Kickboxing is the best option, which includes a weight loss and martial arts program, so you and your attention is constantly in the dynamics, the combination of striking with movement and high intensity of physical and aerobic exercises will not give a superfluous chance!

What muscle groups are involved in the kickboxing dvd course

In the training course kickboxing dvd workout involved 93% of all groups of all muscles:

  1. Biceps and triceps
  2. ABS
  3. The thighs
  4. Calf muscles
  5. Muscles of the back
  6. Buttocks

Thus, you do not limit attention to a particular area of the body, but work in a fluid and harmonious way, provide yourself with a tone, lightness, strength of the whole body!

Why beginners can not do without the instructions of experienced instructors

To achieve the desired results, you need to trust the 20-year experience of professionals in the field of teaching fitness and martial arts:

  1. In our course only the most effective exercises are collected - the maximum result for the minimum terms
  2. Literate presentation of the material, clear and clear explanations and prompts for implementation
  3. The presence of unique special effects - makes training as easy as possible
  4. Considered typical mistakes - do everything right, and the result will not make you wait!

Ability to engage in kickboxing dvd without reference to the place and time

It is generally accepted that in order to get the desired result from training, it is usually necessary to search for a suitable fitness room, an instructor and adjust all your time to get to workout.

By purchasing our kickboxing workout dvd, you will have a unique opportunity to practice without a binding to the place and time. You can start training in any place convenient for you: at home, on vacation, on the street, in the park and any time convenient for you.

Works on the program Kickboxing dvd workout can even if you do not have a large area to turn around - you will be only a few square meters!

If you have any questions, you always have the opportunity to contact our online support service and ask them - we are always happy to help you.

Experience, proven in practice

The results of the training of our students are self-explanatory. For short periods of studies (1-2 months), some students lost up to 10 kilograms, began to feel more confident, always in a sublime mood, learned basic shocks and self-defense.
The result is proved by 100% engaged.

Kickboxing fighting skills
Strengthening the Body and Spirit!

Pursuing a kickboxing workout dvd, you will not only lose weight, but also learn the combat technique of kicks, kicks and knees, make your body strong and elastic, and your ligaments and tendons - strong and elastic. This will help you in the future without problems to move on to more complex exercises and technical elements in the future.

A universal combat skill will bring to your life a constant sense of self-confidence and your strength, always be ready to face any problem!

Start by doing our cardio kickboxing dvd program and you will receive:

  • Enjoy the workout
  • A result that will not keep you waiting long!
  • Discover the amazing possibilities of your body
  • Take the first step on the way to the ideal figure that you are dreaming of
  • Your body will thank you!

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