EFLT-Online® Academy - About Us


EFLT-online® Academy - online-Academy of martial arts and workout (fitness) programs which is based on The European Federation Lao-Thai (Ukraine).

About our courses

Our video courses is a 100% exclusive educational video material, which has no analogues in the world! It provides an opportunity to exercise in the most complete, understandable and structured training methods, giving an understanding of what, how, why and how much to do.

Our mission

There are thousands of the training programs these days yet and all of them have one typical feature – low quality which is derived from the vast quantity of the presented information together with the absence of the accurate and structured methodology..

Our mission is to help you avoid losing the most precious things – time and health.

Also, “The way of the human being is the way to Perfection”. And we want to help you with this!

Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before starting the exercises.